• Kimberley is a very talented and inspirational instructor. She has a natural ability to very quickly access what both horse and rider need to achieve their goals or improve their riding ability without over-facing either horse or rider.

    Training sessions are individually tailored, whether it be a flatwork session or a jumping session and are always a positive, progressive experience.  Kimberley is very passionate about helping each of her clients and their horses achieve more than they ever believed possible.  She is able to do this as she is a highly motivating and enthusiastic trainer who loves getting the best out of her clients and their horses.

    Kimberley has had an amazing impact on my riding ability; her teaching skills and encouragement have seen me progress from a nervous rider to  someone who now competes at Dressage, has started jumping for fun and is looking forward to cross country training all in the space of 18 months!

    I would also like to mention that she has a vast amount of experience and knowledge regarding all aspects of riding and horse management and has helped me enormously on the ground as well in the saddle.

    Kimberley is an accomplished and talented horsewoman; I feel very fortunate to have met her and have her as my trainer.

  • I have known Kimberley for 3 ½ years now.  Kimberley took over the management and complete renovation of the run down livery yard where I have kept my Welsh Cob for the past 7 years.  When Kimberley arrived at our yard I was very much a novice and apart from the odd fun ride, hacking and lessons I really didn’t seem to be progressing.  In Kimberleys time she has got me jumping, beach riding, hunting, showing.  Kimberley has a wonderful way with horses and her horse knowledge is second to none.  My horse was always very difficult to load (in fact he was positively dangerous) with a few sessions with Kimberley he now loads like a dream. When I bought my horse I was told never to clip without sedation so for the first few years he was sedated to be clipped.  I always thought my horse was being naughty – he wasn’t he was afraid and had possibly had bad experiences in his past which Kimberley has now worked through.  I cannot thank Kimberley enough for all she has done for me and my horse!

  • My 26 year old Welsh Cob cross gelding, Brodie, was a full livery in Kimberley Collister's care during the whole time that she managed the Priory Stables at Wherwell. Her arrival was the best thing that could have happened for him.  I had been wondering if it was time to stop riding and retire him, but she built up his fitness and suppleness through careful management of his diet and exercise and gave him, and me, a new lease of life.  Her judgement was always spot on and Brodie was fit and happy, and thrived on the daily routine she created in the yard.  He absolutely loved his work and was always bursting with health, vitality and personality!  He felt and looked like a much younger horse.

    Kimberley also made it possible for me to take part in many activities that I might not otherwise have attempted. We took part in fun rides, beach rides, hound exercise and hunting with the Southern Shires Bloodhounds.  Our finest moment was when Kimberley, having introduced us to showing, helped us to enter the Ridden Veteran Plus class at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in May 2012. It was one of the best days of my life, in spite of the terribly wet conditions. Brodie took the whole day completely in his stride, hardly putting a foot wrong. I could never have attempted anything at that level without Kimberley's help, knowledge and expertise.  I can think of any number of people who were encouraged in a similar way, whether to compete in various disciplines or to simply be more confident when hacking out.

    Kimberley is a very straightforward and sociable person who brings people together and is active in organising all kinds of events and activities for people to take part in.  Yet it is the utterly kind and competent way in which she manages the horses in her care that has always most impressed me. Brodie adored, trusted and respected Kimberley.  I can say this because, amongst other things,  I could see he just liked to be near her, he was respectful and calm in her presence, and she overcame his terrible fear of being clipped, without resorting to sedation.  I moved Brodie to a yard nearer to my home when Kimberley relocated to Surrey but I would certainly trust her to have him in her care again, if it were possible.

  • Within a few weeks Kimberley had me relaxed and hacking out solo on the buckle, within a month and a half I was out jumping my first sponsored ride. The difference in my confidence is huge, not just during lessons but when schooling on my own, choosing to set-up jumps and lines I would never have thought possible.
    Kimberley is invisibly patient and supportive without ever being condescending or patronising, you never feel like you’re being weak, cowardly or silly and she always knows just how much to push to make it challenging but doable and so rewarding when you achieve it. I’m incredibly fussy with instructors, and the way Kimberley tailors her approach for me is perfect and I trust her completely. On the occasions when she “tunes-up” my horse the difference in the next few schooling sessions is remarkable in his responsiveness and way-of-going, one day I hope my own riding will keep the “Kim-effect’ in full force rather than diluting it!"
  • It is hard to find such a knowledgeable, professional and skilled instructor.  Kim instantly puts you and your horse at ease with her friendly but professional approach. She understands that sometimes pupils need things simplified and can do so without making you feel foolish; you ride away with a much clearer understanding of what you are aiming to achieve. Kim is very honest in her approach and will advise you if she believes things are hindering the horse’s education/performance i.e. ill-fitting tack, shortness in stride etc. Kim is not a quick-fix trainer, she works at building foundations for both the horse and rider that will last its lifetime.


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